Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Polar Express Playdate

A local movie theater in my town Chunky's Cinema Pub has a free monthly kid's movie. It is great because they don't care if kids run around or are loud or throw their food at the screen. Ok they might care if the food gets on the screen, but otherwise it's all ok. This month's movie was The Polar Express. I've never been to this theater before, so it was an adventure for CJ and I. They let us into the theater at 11. We sat down at tables in these big comfy chairs and got to order lunch. CJ had the Donkey and Dragon Fingers (chicken fingers) and I had the Pirates of the Caribbean quesadillas. We got our lunch really fast and then we waited for the movie to start. CJ loved it. He was mostly interested in his chicken fingers and the fact that there were other kids he could see running around. But I was really impressed with how well he behaved. He sat in the high chair for 90% of the movie. Towards the end, I let him down so he could run because I knew he was going to start screaming if he didn't. The camera battery died right as we got into the movie, so my pics are only from before.

What do you mean you don't want animal crackers?!

Fine. More for me.

Literally running into the theater.

Why's it so dark in here?

No more animal crackers!?

Let me double check. 
Never mind I found ketchup. Yum!

If you are ever in the Haverhill MA area, check out Chunky's and see what is playing. I plan on going with Craig on date night sometime soon. :) Pin It

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