Friday, December 30, 2011

Heartsy Deal on one of my Etsy Favorites!

I am obsessed with the artist Solocosmo on Etsy. I have a bunch of her works in my house including these:
(All images copyright of Solocosmo.)

Absolutely gorgeous right? Most of the images are available in various sizes from ACEO to 11in by 13in. I love her also because she is both a full-time artist and mother. Love it. Before you head over to her Etsy page to purchase, check out her deal going on Heartsy. Currently you can get either $40 or $50 worth of her gorgeous images for only $18. You better believe I was all over that. 

So what is heartsy? It is an awesome deal page for those who love all things handmade and crafty. They feature different etsy shops daily. Click on the button below to read more and join.
Heartsy - Exclusive deals on fabulous handmade designer items at members-only prices.
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