Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

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Ten Childhood Faves
I'm really lucky that I have a 18 month old right now, so I'm re-reading a ton of childhood favorites and finding some new favorites. So this is an awesome topic. Here goes. This is in no particular order.

1. Nancy Drew mysteries - I so wanted to be Nancy Drew, girl detective. I don't think I had all of the books, but I had plenty of them. I'm working on getting all of these plus all the Hardy Boys series for my kids. So if you want to send them my way, I'd be mighty appreciative.

2. The Boxcar Children - More mysteries involving child detectives. I so wanted to be one of the Boxcar Children. Yea they were essentially homeless and parentless, but it seemed a lot better than what I had going on. They always had each other and were always on adventures. Loved this series. I actually just got a new one from netgalley to review, I'm really looking forward to it.

3. Tuck Everlasting - This is the first romance that I ever remember reading. I remember the descriptions of the forest and the spring and everything just being magical. The idea of living forever was just perfect. This was one of the first times I read a book that didn't necessarily end happily ever after.

4. The Secret Garden/A Little Princess - I put these together because I had this amazing hardcover edition that had both of the books together. I loved these stories to death. They're still one of my favorites.

5. The Outsiders - I've talked about this book before. I love this book. It's in my top 5 books of all time. I could not love this book more. I don't remember how old I was the first time I read it, maybe 10? It spoke to me. Ponyboy was my soulmate. At least I was pretty sure at the time. Stay gold Ponyboy, stay gold. 

6. The Bible - Even if you aren't Christian, I believe every child should have a great illustrated copy of the bible. I had two, and the were both amazing. I wish I had them now. The illustrations were gorgeous and the stories were lush and wonderful. CJ has one that he got for his baptism and I can't wait to start reading that to him. 

7. Black Beauty - Broke.my.little.heart. I remember I was really sick and someone gave me this to read while I got better and I sobbed for days. This book is so beautiful and sad. The story of a horse from the horses point of view. Loved it.
8. Kidnapped - This was one of the first classic novels I read. If you've got a reluctant reader, I'd recommend this. Following the adventures of David through the Scottish lowlands, across the sea, and beyond. There isn't a boring moment in this book. 
9. Treasure Island - More adventures from Robert Louis Stevenson. This isn't just a muppet movie folks. What kid doesn't love pirates? I started off with the Great American Classics version and eventually read the full thing. I just actually bought a 6 book set from Barnes and Noble with this in it for the baby. 

10. Sherlock Holmes - I used to try to train my mind to work like Sherlock's but it just didn't work. I also wanted my very own Watson. My husband IS a nurse so maybe I got my Watson after all. I would recommend this for slightly older and/or more mature children. 
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  1. You're dredging up the memories with this list! I loved Nancy Drew and Sherlock Holmes as a kid.

  2. The Secret Garden and A Little Princess are definitely among my favourites - I can't believe I forgot to mention them! I think I was more a fan of the movies though...

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