Monday, December 5, 2011

Children's Book Review - Love Twelve Miles Long

Love Twelve Miles Long by Glenda Armand

Love Twelve Miles Long is a children's story about Frederick Douglas and his mom. Frederick lives at the master's big house while his mom lives 12 miles away. Once a week or so, she walks the twelves miles to visit her baby boy. Frederick lives for these moments. At the end of his visits, his mom tells him about the 12 miles that she walks. Each mile is for something different. The first mile is for forgetting. She uses that first mile to forget how tired she is and that she is a slave. The second mile is for remembering. That mile she uses to remember her boy Frederick and how smart he is. This goes on until Frederick is curled up on his mat, fast asleep. When he wakes up, his mother is gone. He is sad, but he remembers her story and realizes that while the ocean and the sky are too big to measure, he knows that his mother's love for him is twelve miles long.

This was such a cute story, I absolutely loved it. The pictures were gorgeous. It was great that it told Frederick Douglas' story but when he was a child. I definitely recommend this book to add to your child's collection. 

The book is available at The Book Depository and on Amazon.

I received this book to review from NetGalley. I was not paid for this review and I was not required to write a positive review. 
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