Saturday, December 31, 2011

A-Z Mini-Challenge #1

As part of my A-Z Book Challenge, there are going to be monthly book challenges. I will post them on the first of each month (at least I'll try to), and you will have the entire month to complete the challenge, write a blog post about it, and enter onto the linky. If you don't have a blog, just leave a comment on this page with the book you read that goes with the challenge.

For every mini-challenge you complete, you will get one entry into a drawing. At the end of the year, I will pick one name from all of those entries, and you will win the book of your choice from The Book Depository. Yay free books!

Here's mini-challenge number 1...

In honor of New Year's and all of the Resolutions people are making, read one book relating to your New Year's resolution. For example, if you are giving up chocolate for the year (cuz you are nuts), you could read a book with chocolate on the cover, where a character works in a bakery (where they have chocolate), or the title is also the name of a type of chocolate (The Three Musketeers). It can be pretty general. If you can somehow relate the book to your resolution, it counts.

So good luck, and thanks for taking part.

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  1. There it is! Sorry, I didn't realize the linkytools was now a paid service, so I had to switch to Mister Linky's Magical Widgets. LoL. But there ya go!

  2. Hmmm, I joined the challenge specifically for my little guy but I want to do these monthly maybe I will do the challenge twice. One for him and one for me!

  3. I meant not monthly challenges. Is it okay if I pos the review for the full challenge in this linky?

  4. I checked, and you already posted it in the other linky.

  5. Would it count to read a book called "the Twisted ThREAD" from netgalley since one of my resolutions is to catch up on netgalley books?

  6. I use more than one e-mail. I hope this does not confuse things. My blog was created to use for challenges.

  7. Hello. I don't think you understood what I said. Where should I link my REVIEW POST? Is it okay if I do it in the monthly challenge linky?
    and what did you mean by 'you already did it in the other one'?
    And also, I changed to wordpress:

  8. Yea I don't understand at all. Your review of what? For this challenge, you don't have to post a review. For the main A-Z challenge, you only have to post the one time to sign up for the challenge. IF you are participating in this monthly challenge, you only have to post once when you complete it and enter it in this linky. At the end of the month, you can post how many books on the list you completed. So what review are you talking about?

  9. I'm getting confused now. :/ . Is there no need to post a review at all for the MAIN challenge? I already posted to sign up( I think so) and I changed to wordpress so I did it again. Only if I'm participating in the monthly challenge I should post a review??? And what do you mean by "At the end of the month......." ???
    And please understand; it's my first time doing these kinda things. I just can't understand.

    I hope you understand what I'm talking about.

  10. Nope. You do not have to post a review for this challenge. At the end of the month, we'll have a linky for all of us to register all the books we've read that month for the challenge. Is that more clear?

  11. So, at the end of each month(which is?) we should link our reviews (all of them?) in the linky that will be up only then. Will there be a new post for that? And let me tell you that I've read two books so far.

  12. No you won't put all your reviews into the linky. You'll do one post where you will write all the books you read this month for the challenge. Then you will put that post into the linky. In that post, you can feel free to post the links to your reviews.

  13. Ok, This is going to be a learning year for me for quilting. I have quilted a long time but I need to step back and learn some things. Since I am doing the
    A-Z with my Toddler, I was happy to find a book that met the mini challenge for me and still within the A-Z for him.

  14. So, I have to create a new post each month? And is it compulsory that I link my reviews in the post? Also, will there be a new linky at the end of the month, for these posts??? And just to keep track, I've read 5 books so far.

    1. You only need to post a new post every month IF you are participating in that month's mini-challenge. Your reviews are not part of the challenge, so you don't have to link those up anywhere. The linky for the mini-challenge is the linky on this page.


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