Monday, January 30, 2012

Mom Confession Monday (3)

This is one I think I think I've kept pretty well hidden on this blog. 
Ready for it?

I am a huge fangirl. 

It is true. Certain shows and books cause me to completely geek out. For example...

Aaaaaaah!!!!! Did you see? Did you see?! TYRION. I loves him. Poor Sansa. Kick-ass Arry. Stupidface Joffrey. Tricksy false Varys. Dumb Catelyn. Gorgeous Jon Snow. Dragons! Beautiful Daenarys. The Wall! 

So much loves. 

Really, I am a huge dork when it comes to certain books, tv shows, and movies. Supernatural, Doctor Who, Star Trek, etc. 

So that's my confession of the week. What turns you into a fangirl?

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