Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

Cool kids on the way to the dr's office.
On Tuesday, CJ had his 18-month check-up. He now weighs 23lbs, 9oz and is 32.5 inches tall. He's average for weight and in the 25th percentile for height. Not surprised there. I can't believe he only weighs 23lbs. This child does not stop eating from the moment he wakes up until he goes to sleep. First thing in the morning he says "ba" for a banana. Finishes banana, asks for an apple. Eats the apple, asks for milk. Finishes the milk, asks for juice. It doesn't end.
Perfectly content before the doctor came in.
The doctor is a little worried because CJ still isn't talking much. The doctor is old-school (he was the hubby's pediatrician too) so he's not at all impressed that CJ can sign pretty much everything. He says that if CJ doesn't double his word count in the next 3 months, he will have to send him to early Intervention. I'm honestly not worried. CJ has no trouble at all communicating. He knows exactly how to tell us what he needs. Furthermore, I've been told that I was a late talker, and when I finally did start talking, it was in complete sentences. I'm not saying that is what is going to happen with CJ, but I'm not that worried. We talk to him all the time and he hears us talk to each other all the time, so he'll talk when he is ready. Tonight, I was singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to him and he started sort of babbling and singing along. So I think that singing to him might get him to at least verbalize a little more. We'll see.
Welcome to New England buddy. 
On Wednesday, CJ and I had a lunch date. We went to Chunky's Cinema and Pub, a local movie theatre, for their monthly kid-friendly movie. This month it was The Lion King. I've never seen the Lion King without my little sister with me, so I was texting her randomly through the movie. Normally I would never do that, but it is fine at this movie. They don't turn the lights all the way down and they serve food and drink and the kids are allowed to run crazy through the theatre. I've never seen any kids do that, but apparently it is allowed.
CJ really wasn't all that interested in the movie. He said cat a few times when he saw the lions, he signed monkey when he see Rafiki. Even the music wasn't impressive to him. I got a little verklempt when Mufasa died. "Help!! Somebody!! Anybody..." I tell you, that was probably one of the saddest moments of my childhood. But yea, CJ wasn't impressed. He was more impressed with the little girl next to him, who he was a horrible influence on, and his dinosaur nuggets. It was also a pain trying to keep him from getting to the giant buckets of popcorn they leave on the table. The lady across from me kept putting in front of her daughter which in turn put it in front of CJ. Once I told her he was allergic to the butter, she kept it away from him. I feel bad that I have to be that mom, but I really don't want to have to use his Epi-Pen on him.
Trying to impress the little girl sitting next to him.
Thursday was a relatively uneventful day. Craig let me sleep in, yay! Then I had a great tutoring session. Then CJ and I hung out all day while Craig made split-pea soup. Yum! Today we ran errands and had another uneventful day. Pin It

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  1. Cj looks like a doll!

    We have a boy who ended up needed help with talking, and one piece of advice we learned to appreciate was that it's nice to get sent to things like Early Intervention early, because often it takes ages to actually get into testing or worse, therapy. So you sign up as soon as you can, and most of the time when you finally get to the appointment everything is fine and you go your merry way, but if it turns out there is a problem, waiting until you can recognize it means you wait even longer to get it addressed, which can make it take longer to fix.

    So getting referred isn't really a sign that something is wrong as a sign that you can't absolutely rule out any possibility that something is wrong. Our guy had really low muscle tone in his mouth which made signing with his hands much easier than talking, so it was good to learn about the advantages of straws and blowing soap bubbles etc to strengthen those muscles.


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