Saturday, January 14, 2012

TBR Intervention (8)

So the last time I did the TBR Intervention was December 3rd. Whoops. I was supposed to read Life of Pi. Aaaand I didn't. Whoops again. I'll try to do better this week/month.

I'm going to read The Last Boleyn.

I've had this on my tbr list since 2008. The baby was actually pulling books off the bookshelf today and handed this to me, so I guess it is time I read it. I haven't read a Boleyn book in a few months so this should tide me over for a while. I love me some Boleyns. Wish me luck!

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  1. I don't have much tolerance on historical books... but this one looks interesting. I am always fascinated by the stories of the Boleyn girls, plus the issues and the controversies attached to their lives. I hope that you'll enjoy this book. Let us know what you think =)

  2. Have you read The Other Boleyn Girl? I haven't read it but I did watch the movie and thought it was an intriguing story.


    1. Great book! I love Phillipa Gregory, she's an amazing story-teller. She's probably in my top 5 living authors. I definitely recommend The Other Boleyn Girl. Also the Wideacre trilogy or the Red Queen. So good.

  3. I need to work on my TBR stack too. I still have ARCs on my shelves from when I was a bookseller - at least 8 years ago. Yikes!

    Good luck with your choice, looks interesting!

  4. I think that that whole era of Tudor history is fascinating. I took a class in college on women in history and there was a whole section on Henry VIII and his wives. It's so interesting! Good luck with this book this week! :)


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