Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday

I'm doing my own Top Ten Tuesday again this week. Hope you get a laugh out of it.

As a preface, my mom is a single lady (no one better be putting a ring on it either) and I don't have a dad. Don't feel bad, I'm fine. I survived with some amazing ladies, an awesome grandfather, and a wonderful uncle, so I'm ok with it. But my mom and I were talking about her finding a new beau, so I'm putting my ideas out there on who I would like to be my new daddy. Another addendum, most of these men are a lot older than my mom, like old enough to be her father. But my mom is a really young mom, so most of the men her age (like Donnie Wahlberg) are too young and hott to be my dad. That would just be weird. Only two of the people on this list are even within 5 years of my mom. But, I've decided she needs herself a silver fox. So here's my list.

Top Ten Men I Wish Were My Dad

Perfect father figure right here!
1. Donald Sutherland - I have always felt like he would make the perfect dad. Obviously Kiefer's behavior indicates that my not be completely true, but he just looks so fatherly. I would listen when he talked. I would respect him. Even if he is a Canadian.

2. The Undertaker - The closest in age to my mom. Since the first time I saw him wrestling on WWE, I decided that he would be perfect for my mom. I don't know what it is, but I think they would be a good couple. He is married to another wrestler unfortunately. 

3. Kevin Nash - He just recently came to my attention as a viable father candidate. I don't know as much about him, but I think he'd do just fine. Definitely seems like my mom's type and he's not too much older than her.

Double 0 Dad
4. Sean Connery - Unfortunately, Sean has a bit of a domestic abuse problem, so he might not be a great choice. But come on, how awesome would it be if your dad was Bond?! 

Look at those baby blues.

5. Peter O'Toole - I decided I wanted Peter O'Toole too be my dad when I was a kid and I saw Lawrence of Arabia. Unfortunately, he is about 100 years old, so I don't think my mom would go for him. 

"Life finds a way."
6. Jeff Goldblum - He would be hilarious as a dad! I wouldn't understand anything he said because he talks like a crazy person, but he's still awesome. And he was in Powder. Bonus points right there. 

Apparently Glee reads my blog. They just cast Jeff Goldblum as one of Rachel's dads on the show. Copycats. 

7. Robin Williams - I love Robin Williams! He was awesome in Jumanji, and he has commercials out currently with his daughter, so obviously he's a good dad. He seems to be over his little substance abuse problem, so they'd be good to go. 

8. Patrick Stewart - "Make it so, number one." He'd probably get sick of me saying that to him at every get-together. And thanks to google, I now know that he is in fact, not a homosexual. So hello new daddy. 

9. Gary Oldman - He had me at Dracula. I know my mom will approve of this one.

10. Michael Caine - Way too old for my mom, but would make an awesome dad. Have you seen The Dark Knight? 

So if you are any of the people on this page, and you are interested in going out on a date with my mom, let me know. I can hook it up. 
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  1. What do you mean, "even if he is a Canadian"?! lol That hurts.

    Who thought that Patrick Stewart was gay? Maybe they were confusing him with Ian McKellen? I agree that he would be a pretty awesome dad.

    1. LoL, I had to throw that in there cuz I know a lot of my readers are Canadian. And I'll admit, I thought that Patrick Stewart might be gay.

    2. Ian McKellan almost made the list, but since I was going for men for my mom, I decided to omit him.

  2. Ha ha..I love this post. How about George Clooney...he's starting to show some gray.

    1. I left him off the list, because while it is ok to find my new daddy attractive, it is not ok to have inappropriate dreams about him.


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