Sunday, January 8, 2012

Review - Aveeno Naturals Stress Relief Body Wash

Hubby works at a nursing home and is therefore around germs all day long. So it wasn't really surprising (but still really gross) when a few months ago, we all caught scabies. If you don't know what scabies is, google it, but be ready for some gross images. It was disgusting. Luckily, the baby was barely touched by it. As soon as we started taking the medicine, hubby's rash went right away. Mine took a bit longer, but eventually was all gone too.

Unfortunately, after all of the scabies was gone, I still found that I was crazy itchy. My skin was incredibly dry and I just didn't know what was going on. So I finally went back to the dermatologist to see what was up. The derm said that my skin was now very sensitive, and due to over-washing, very dry and therefore itchy. The itchy + dryness was causing me to even get some eczema. Her recommendations were to stop bathing so much (say what?!), not to use harsh soaps, and to look into aveeno lotions.
Well for Christmas, Santa (or the hubby), put some of Aveeno's Stress Relief Body Wash into my stocking. Let me tell you, it is heaven. It contains chamomile, ylang ylang, and lavender to soothe away you stress. The scent is wonderful, but very very light. It has the perfect amount of suds when you use it with a loofah. It also contains oatmeal, which creates a barrier on your skin to keep you moisturized. It has made my skin so less itchy it is amazing. Not only that, but the hubby mentioned the other day that my skin is softer. Ooh la la.

I highly recommend this if you have itchy, dry, or sensitive skin. Even if you just want a nice, soothing body wash, this is perfect for you. It is available at Amazon or at drugstores near you. (Or ask Santa to bring you some.) Pin It

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