Saturday, September 8, 2012

Meet Kamidoo & Angel Eyes Review

I can't believe I haven't yet introduced you all to the Kamidoo. She was my first baby. She's my Kamidoo, my Kamipoopaloo, my queen of Shiba. She's a good pup (contrary to what the hubby might tell you). Kami is a pure-bred Shiba Inu. If you know about Shiba Inus, you can probably tell that Kami is defective. If you don't, you might wonder how such a gorgeous lady is considered defective. It's cuz she's white. Yep, Shiba breeders are racist. :)

Let me introduce you to Ookami Kamikaze Aylward.
You can call her Kami.
Technically, Kami is a "cream" Shiba. Her coloring is considered a defect in breeding circles. I think my little baby is beautiful. When I first contacted the breeder and said I wanted a cream Shiba, she explained that it was a defect, and that as a breeder, she didn't want a cream shiba to come from her dogs. Well, a few months later, out came five red (the "proper" Shiba color) males, and one cream female. Obviously Kamidoo and I were meant to be.

There are a few downsides to having an all-white dog. First there is the ridiculous amounts of white fur all over our house. It gets everywhere. If you are allergic to dogs, do not come up in my house. You will die. It gets on all of our clothes and it cannot come out. Secondly is the teary-eyes and the staining. Because she's so pale, any liquid on her eyes makes it look like she's crying. The liquid eventually can stain and discolor her beautiful white fur.

She looks like a sullen teenager. "Moooom, stop taking my picture!"
We recently started to use a new product designed to combat the teary-eyes and the staining that it causes, called Angel Eyes. It comes in a powder which you then sprinkle on top of the dog food. It is chicken flavored and Kami loves it. Since we started using it a few weeks ago, I have noticed a slight difference in the staining. What do you think?

Angel Eyes is made with all-natural ingredients and was formulated by a veterinarian. It contains cranberry extract, marshmallow root, and grape root, which are all great for your dog's skin and fur. It works by boosting the immune system to fight what causes teary-eyes and staining. It is currently available at Vet Depot, and comes in either 85oz or 170oz, and starts at $16.97. You can also get Angel Eyes for your cat. Our new kitty Naginta doesn't have teary eyes, but if she does, I'll definitely be getting her some of this. Pin It


  1. Beautiful dog! I don't have a dog, but the product itself sounds excellent!

  2. What a pretty dog! It does appear the Angel Eyes is working. Hope it continues to do so.

  3. She is beautiful!!! The product sounds great!


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