Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wordless Picture Books for All Ages

I'll admit the first time CJ got a picture book with no words, I was a little confused. What's the point of a book with no words? Lame. But they really aren't lame at all. The lack of words gives you a much more interactive book. You and your child get to figure out the story yourselves, or just make up your own. There are no words, so there's no "wrong" way to read it.

Why you should get some wordless books:

  • If your child is a visual learner, or you suspect they might be, wordless books are a great way to get them interested in books. 
  • A child with a very active imagination will love that they can make up their own stories. 
  • Children whose native language isn't English will love these books for their simplicity. They don't have to wonder about stumbling over words or not understanding the story. This will boost their confidence with books, which is always a good thing.

These books aren't just for toddlers and preschoolers. Kids (and adults) of all ages might find books they love. They are a great way to get older kids writing. Have your students or children write the story themselves. It is a great exercise in using your imagination and writing skills.

Here are some of the best wordless books!

Zoom by Banyai - This is a great book when you are teaching perspective. It shows an image, then continues to zoom out of the picture until you can see the Earth from space. It's pretty cool.
The Adventures of Polo by Faller - Follow Polo as he goes on an adventure on, over, and under the ocean, into outer space, and on and on. This is actually a series so if your little one likes this one, they can continue with the series and follow all of Polo's adventures.
Oops! by David Shannon - From the creator of the David Gets in Trouble books, this book follows David as a baby as he has a series of accidents. This one does has a few words, but still qualifies since it is all the same word.
Un-Brella by Fransen - A little girl has her umbrella all ready for a rainy day, except that it doesn't rain!
Tuesday by Wiesner - It seems like a Tuesday like any other, but what's that? Are those... flying frogs?!
Chicken And Cat by Varon - Follow the adventures of a strange set of best friends as one comes to visit the other.
The Surprise by Van Ommen - This one is absolutely adorable. A sheep has been growing his fur very long so he can cut it off and use it to make a present for his friend Giraffe. The images are absolutely perfect. Your child will love it, I promise.
Deep in the Forest by Turkle - A baby bear explores a human cabin and finds adventure at every turn. So cute!
Jack And the Night Visitors by Schories - One night a bunch of aliens land on Jack's roof and come into his room. The book follows all the adventures between Jack, the aliens, and his dog.
Bow-Wow Bugs a Bug by Newgarden - An adorably illustrated book about the adventures between a dog and the small friends he makes as he goes for a walk.
Frog, Where Are You? by Mayer - From the author and illustrator of the Little Critter books comes the story of a little boy looking for his lost pet frog.
The Red Book by Lehman - Lehman has a bunch of wordless books, this was one of her first. It was a Caldecott Honor Book. The book shows the story of a little girl who finds herself lost inside... a book!
Looking Down by Jenkins - This book starts off with a tiny speck in a sea of black. That tiny speck is the planet earth. Each picture zooms in a little closer until you end up looking at any eency weency ladybug.
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  1. Love them . I need for my son so he doesn't feel like he is missing something

  2. I agree with you - when I first got a wordless book, I was like "What? Why?". But now I totally get it. They are great books because both my girls get into them; the 1 year old loves the pictures and the 3 year old loves making up a story!

  3. Great collection of books here. Thanks for sharing. We have a 3 month old so I like this post. I don't see a pin button so I can share this on Pinterest. I will tweet it though!

    1. I should add that huh? I just have the pin it thing on my bookmarks so I can pin anything from anywhere.


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