Monday, September 3, 2012

A-Z Mini-Challenge #9 - Back to School

I cannot believe how fast this year is going. It is insane. I start school this week, wahoo! Soon it will be Fall. I love Fall. I love everything about it except that it leads to Winter. Winter is coming. Since this is back to school time for most people, that is going to lead to this month's challenge. 

Read a book with a school in it! 

As usual, your interpretation of this can be pretty broad. As long as a school is mentioned in the book, it can count. It doesn't have to be set there. It can be, but doesn't have to be. I'm going to re-read the Gemma Doyle trilogy, so if you are looking for some great books this month, start with A Great and Terrible Beauty. Let me know what you read! You'll have until October 3rd for this challenge.
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  1. Hi ;) What about Afterwards, by Rosamund Lupton?! A fire starts in the school ;)

    Happy reading

  2. You do come up with challenges. I have six letters left and the one I am reading does not have a school in it as the children mentioned are taught at home. But, I have an O book that I just quickly looked at and it mentions a classroom and does mention a school. It is a Harequin Intrigue by Elle James called Operation XOXO.

    1. Homeschool is still school. :) I'm ok with either books.

  3. I am having trouble getting back to my blog through the link I posted above for Operation XOXO. may or may not get to the right post. Blogger has not been co-operative with Google today. I have had to use IE to port.


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