Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 11 – A book you hated

Day 11- A book You Hated

Well, I already wrote about my disdain for Wuthering Heights in another post. BTW WUTHERING ISN'T EVEN A WORD! Gah, I really do hate that book.

Another book I hate, is Waiting for Godot. I'm pretty sure I talked about that in the same post though.... But I'll talk about it again.

Here's the Goodreads' description: The story line revolves around two seemingly homeless men waiting for someone or something named Godot. Vladimir and Estragon wait near a tree on a barren stretch of road, inhabiting a drama spun from their own consciousness. The result is a comical wordplay of poetry, dreamscapes, and nonsense, which has been interpreted as a somber summation of mankind's inexhaustible search for meaning. Beckett's language pioneered an expressionistic minimalism that captured the existentialism of post-World War II Europe.

Here's what that description just told you: This book (play) is about nothing. NOTHING. Nothing happens, ever. It's supposed to be existential and deep and meaningful but it really isn't. It's a stupid book and I will never get the 20 minutes of my life back that I spent reading this drivel. I had to read it for some ridiculous English class in college and I hated every second of it. I told the professor that too but she wasn't happy about that. I also wrote my paper on how stupid it was and how wrong Beckett was. I got an A on that because my evidence was irrefutable. That's the key to college kids. You can say whatever you want, you just need to have the evidence to back it up.  Pin It

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