Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

Ten Books Perfect for Reading During Halloween
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1. Dracula - I think this is a given. To me, Dracula is the original horror story. Everything else is attempting to reach the same level as this book. 
2. The Thirteenth Tale - This book isn't scary per se. But it has that level of eeriness and what is lurking behind that corner that a good scary story has. 
3. Frankenstein - Ever have a nightmare and then think that would make an awesome book? Well, Mary Shelley did. I find the monster more sad than scary, but this is still a great Halloween read.
4. Anything by Stephen King - There's a reason he's called the master of horror. No one can give me nightmares like this man. Because of IT, I still hate clowns.
5. Anything by Clive Barker - Clive Barker is like a darker, more wanting to scare the shiz out of you version of Neil Gaiman. Some of his stories are downright terrifying. They're supposed to be for ages 8 and up, but some of them will haunt you for life. (The Thief of Always for example.)
6. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark - Thanks to Fishgirl at Nite Lite for reminding me of the title. I could see the cover in my mind but couldn't think of it. It's a collection of stories for kids that'll give you nightmares for months. 
7. Anything by Edgar Allen Poe - This dude was seriously creepy. Again in a beautiful haunting way though. I recommend The Tell Tale Heart, The Raven, and The Cask of Amontillado.
8. The Man in the Picture: A Ghost Story - This is delightfully scary. It isn't horrifying, but definitely will put the scares into you. You'll start looking at pictures very closely, trying to find the man.
9. The Goosebumps and Fear Street books by RL Stine - I read the Goosebumps books to my little sister. I lived for scaring her. The Fear Street books were my favorite. I'm pretty sure I read all of them. The Fear Street saga was the best. 
10. Christopher Pike's books - These were so scary when I was younger. I remember reading one where these people were walking along a fence or something and it turned into razor blades?! I still have nightmares where I'm trying to walk and it turns into razor blades. Horrifying. I have no idea which book that was, but they're all really scary. 
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  1. Love your list and I couldn't agree more - anything by Stephen King + Dracula & Frankenstein - spooky!!

  2. Dracula's a good pick, alright. Have you read it? I have it on my Nook & I've seriously thought I oughta... and now's the time, hey?

  3. Thanks for the correction. I posted this blog to face book! lol Donna (and I'm following here.)

  4. scary stories freaked me out as a kid. i've never read any clive barker but i have been meaning to.

  5. Burgundy - I've read Dracula probably 100 times since middle school. I love it!

    Donna - Thanks! I just hardly ever post on the other blog unless I'm trying to tell my students something.

    Fishgirl - Clive is a freaky mofo. My ex used to read to me cuz he does accents and impressions. I think his voice as the characters made it that more scary.


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