Friday, October 14, 2011

Fun Meme Friday!

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Do you prefer your ice cream in a bowl or a cone? 
I'd say cones, but I have cones and for some reason whenever I get ice cream I don't put it in the cone.
What three things do you love the smell of?
Crisp fall air, lilacs, and the hubby.
Gift cards or no?
I don't generally give them unless I really just can't come up with a good present. Even then, I will just go with cash before I'll go with a gift card. 
What sports did you play in high school and do you still play them?
Does cheerleading count as a sport? I am no longer a cheerleader, so nope.
Were you in band in high school? If so, what instrument did you play?
We didn't have a high school band. There was an all-city band but I wasn't part of it. I was on the Drill Team, but the ROTC Drill Team, not the flag flipping drill team. The hubby was a big old band dork. He was in Band Company at our military college too. He plays every instrument but I think he played the tuba then.

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When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A pilot and eventually an astronaut. So it turns out I'm mildly claustrophobic. The idea of going to the moon now horrifies me. Maybe CJ will be an astronaut. :)
Black or White?
Black, it's slimming.
Favorite food?
That's easy, Chicken Parmesan. Yum!
You have won one million dollars, what's the first thing you do or buy?
As lame as it is, I'd pay off Craig and I's student loans and other debts then buy a new car and a house. I'd probably invest some of it so I can make more money. Woot woot!
Print or e-book?
I have a Nook and I love that I can get a book instantly, but I still love the printed books. There's nothing like that book smell.

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 If you could have characters from a book meet and form an epic storyline with characters from a TV series, which characters would you choose and why?

This is an interesting question, so I had to give it some thought. I knew that I would want to bring Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural into it, but which book series should they be brought into?
Well, if they were brought into Twilight, they would kill Edward no questions asked. Dean would also kill their Renesme and hide it from Sam. Cuz that's how they roll. I think though that it would be cooler if Sam and Dean came up against Dracula. I wonder whether Dracula would have heard of them like they played it on Buffy. I think Dracula would die. He's pretty bad-ass but this is the Winchesters we are talking about here.
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  1. Awesome choice, I would love to see Sam and Dean go up against Dracula. It would make for a great episode!

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    My FF

  2. I've seen a lot of Twilight & Supernatural paired with each other and others.
    I actually used Supernatural too!
    Now following!
    Please check out mine? Here! :)

  3. Chicken Parmesan sounds so yummy right now.

  4. We used to have a lilac bush right by our house. I loved the way it smelled, but it could get a little powerful at times. LOL

  5. There was one outside my bedroom window when I was younger. In the spring the breeze would blow it into the window. It was heaven. One of my few good memories of childhood.


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