Monday, October 10, 2011

Traffic Sources

So I have google analytics on my page. It tells me how people are getting sent to my page. One of the highest ways people are getting to my page is by google search. It's awesome, but the things that they are searching for are the strangest things.

Here's what people search for and end up at my blog.

mia belly button tickle - Say what? Who is Mia? Why is she being tickled? I'm assuming this is because of the picture of CJ tickling his own belly button, but really?

cute baby wolves - Uhmm.... as far as I know, I don't have any cute baby wolves on my blog.

how would the three musketeers have dressed? - Again, what?! Have I even mentioned the Three Musketeers? One of my favorites, but what the heck?

mom on a donkey in egypt - Now this is pretty funny. Somewhere on here I posted a picture of myself on a donkey in Egypt. So now that's what leads people to my blog. Why are you people looking up pictures of moms on donkeys? I was 6 years away from being a mom in that picture though.

Well, no matter how you get to my blog, I send you my sincere thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy your time here. Come on back now, ya hear? Pin It


  1. How do you get google analytic? I'd be curious to see what shows up on mine? ;)

  2. Go to and then click on access analytics and follow the directions. It's pretty funny to see what brings people to your site.


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