Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Books I Had Very Strong Emotions About
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1. The Kite Runner - I literally threw this book across the room at least twice while reading. I also put it down and said I wasn't going to finish it. Then I would pick it back up and get back into it. I finished it and it is one of the great books of all time. 

2. Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix - This one came out on my birthday.  Everyone knew that someone was going to die. I kept saying that I didn't care who died, as long as it wasn't ______. My aunt worked at Barnes & Noble at the time, so she brought it home for me at dinner time. Around 2 in the morning she heard a loud thump and came out to investigate. I was in hysterics, crying my eyes out and explained that the thud was me throwing the book across the room. Because ___ died. Still upset about this btw.

3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - I think this one will be on a lot of people's lists. I honestly could not stop sobbing during this. When my husband and I saw the last one in theaters, we were sobbing loudly. People were looking at us like we were nuts. Snape is one of the greatest literary characters of all time. The perfect tragic hero. Anyone who disagrees is an idiot. The books should have all been changed to Snape and the Sniveling Idiots, Books 1-7. 
4. The Outsiders - There's one particular scene (Stay golden Ponyboy) that makes me cry every time. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Also when Cherry explains that she hopes she never sees Darry again because she'll fall in love with him. I could completely understand when I was 12 and had never even spoken to a boy before. It spoke to my angsty pre-teen heart.

5. The Lovely Bones - Really, how could you not have an emotional reaction to this one? You are watching through the eyes of a murdered teenager as she watches her family and her killer carry one with their lives. Every scene with her father was heart-wrenching.

6. Push by Sapphire - This is the one that the movie Precious was based on. The horrific things that this poor girl's mother and father put her through, made me sick to my stomach. I just wanted to rock my baby and promise him that I will love him to the dawn of time and never let anything bad happen to him, let alone hurt him myself. 

7. Catch 22 - I read this book in high school while I was living in Colorado. I didn't think I would like it, but I spent most of the book laughing out loud. It's a really funny one, I highly recommend it. Having also joined the military, I can appreciate it a lot more now than I did then.

9. Communion: A True Story - This is Whitley Screiber's supposedly true accounts of his alien abductions that have occurred over the years. It just scared the living daylights out of me. He's now writing fiction novels, so I'm starting to doubt that this was legit, but I still have nightmares because of it. Also, let me know if you want to hear my possible alien abduction story. 
10. Me & Emma - Some books have crazy twist endings that you don't see coming. This has the BEST ever. You will not see it coming, I guarandamntee you that. I read it while I was at training in Texas and one of my sgts saw me reading it and said wait until you get to the twist. I'd get to a point and be like "is this the twist" and she'd say no, you'll know when you reached it. We were in class, supposed to be doing work, and I yelled out "HOLY SH*T!" She just whispered "Told you so." 
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  1. I think the Harry Potter series are the best prove that a good movie is made after a book.
    I read the books before the movie appeared and I can say these were the best stories I've ever read.
    The movie series showed just a part of all these stories.


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