Monday, November 21, 2011

Blog Award!

I always see that some of my favorite blogs have received blog awards and I am jealous. Well today, Andrea from The Busy Bibliophile gave me my first blog award! I received the The Versatile Blogger Award. As a recipient of this award, I have to state 7 facts about myself and then choose 15 other recipients.

Lindsey Buckingham and "Lindsey Buckingham" on SNL
1. My name is Lindsey. Spelled with an "e". It is pronounced Lind-zee, not Lind-zay. Spelling it with an A is one of my biggest pet peeves. I was named after Lindsey Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac.
2. I am petrified of birds. They disgust me. Ugh. It's like Niel Gaiman said “Birds are the last of the dinosaurs. Tiny velociraptors with wings. Devouring defenseless wiggly things and, and nuts, and fish, and, and other birds. They get the early worms. And have you ever watched a chicken eat? They may look innocent, but birds are, well, they're vicious. ” 

3. My sister was afraid that there was a monster under the bed when we were little, so one night, I started talking to her in a monster's voice. His name was Mr. Bumpy and he was a nice monster who lived under the bed because he loved to eat dirty socks, usually with ketchup. This backfired when my sister would constantly try to get Mr. Bumpy to come out and talk, so I had to let her know that he lived in NY with his family and only came to visit every once in a while. I just realized that this might be why my sister now lives in NY. She's subconsciously trying to find Mr. Bumpy!

4. I've tried out for Jeopardy a bunch of times. Once in college, I made it to the final round of auditions in NYC, but I've never made it on the show. Someday! When they do the interview portion, I plan on asking Trebek for a hug and I'm going to tell him I miss his "greasy dago mustache". I'm also going to say "Damn your daily doubles, you brigand." 
5. Craig and I have already named all of our children. We currently only have the one, CJ, but we've got 15 names ready to go. Next up, Ozymandius. I am completely serious about this one. Craig and I both came up with that name before we were even thinking about having babies together. So obviously it is meant to be.

6. I love cheese. I eat it every day. Feta cheese, cheddar cheese, cream cheese, cheese curls, nacho cheese, etc. I eat it every single day. It breaks my heart that my son has a severe dairy allergy. Craig says I love cheese more than everything except CJ and the dog.

7. I don't know how to drive. Well I do, but I don't have enough practice to take my driving test. I grew up in the city, where I didn't need a license (and I couldn't afford driving school). So I thought I'd just go get it when I turned 18. Then I was in college, and then I was in the Army, and I just never got it. I have my permit, so hopefully I'll get it before next summer.

For the final part, I have to choose 15 other bloggers that I think deserve the Versatile Blogger Award.

1. Xpresso Reads
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3. What the Teacher Wants
4. The Legacy of Home
5. I am a Reader, not a Writer
6. Oh My Books!
7. A Bookish Affair
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9. Raising Arrows
10. Rocking Granola
11. The Crafty Chica
12. Mirror, Mirror, Off the Wall
13. The Nearsighted Owl
14. I am Momma, Hear me Roar!
15. Young, Married, and Fabulous

There's a good mix there of book blogs, mom blogs, fashion blogs, etc. 
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  1. It was so nice to meet you and to get to know you better. Jeopardy is a fabulous show. I am amazed that you tried out for it!

    I am encouraged that you don't have a driver's license. One of my daughters (in her 20's) still doesn't have hers. I also know mothers who don't have one and don't want one. But if you need it now, I'm sure you'll do fine when you take the test.

    Thanks so much for the award and for including me in this list.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Mrs. White
    The Legacy of Home

  2. Thanks for the thoughtful award! I am addicted to cheese as well :) Have a great day!



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