Saturday, November 19, 2011

Children's Book Review - Time for Bed

Information from the publishers, Owl Kids.

Time for Bed
by Andrée-Anne Gratton and Fil et Julie

It's time for Caroline to go to bed. But before she can go to sleep, she needs stories and stuffed animals, blankets and the bathroom, and one very important thing from her exhausted mother.The familiar rituals and delightful illustrations from Quebec illustrators Fil et Julie will make this story favorite bedtime reading for both children and parents.

24 Pages Full-colour illustrations
8-½ “ x 8-½ “
Ages 3 to 7
ISBN: 978-2-89579-115-7 

About the author:

Since 1998 Andrée-Anne Gratton has published 10 youth titles. She has been a finalist for the Governor General Award (1999) and the Mr. Christie award (2002).

About the illustrator

Fil et Julie have worked as an illustration team since 1998 and are favorite contributors to Chirp Magazine. Both have a background in graphics. Fil studied animation and Julie studied visual arts. 

My review: We have a set of books that are kept by the nursing chair that we read only at bedtime. This is so he knows that when these books come out, it's almost that time. As soon as I got this book from Owl Kids, I added it to that pile. We read it twice this week, so I thought it was time to review it.

Lucky for me, CJ isn't yet at the stage where he asks for a glass of water, then a story, then another story, then another glass of water, etc before he can go to bed. He just points at everything in the room hoping I'll tell him what everything is. Again. The little girl in this book, Caroline, is at that stage and she knows it. She's totally taking advantage of her mommy to stay up just a little bit longer. The book was realistic in how the mommy reacts, slowly building from calm to very frustrated. I did think though, that Caroline's mommy was kind of mean. Towards the end of the book she says things like "...I AM ON TO YOUR GAME. This is just another excuse to drag out your bedtime!" and "Caroline, enough nonsense! It's time to GO TO SLEEP!" Caroline even describes her mother as looking like a ferocious dragon. Caroline wisely ends the night by telling her mommy that she loves her and closing her eyes to go to sleep.                                                        

The illustrations are my favorite part. Caroline is adorable and you can see the frustration building on her mommy's face. I would recommend this book to slightly older children, ones who do pull tricks like this to stay up late and will think it is funny watching another little girl do the same things. CJ enjoyed the pictures a lot, so this one got 3.5 stars, 3.5 happy babies.

I received this book from Owl Kids in order to review it. I did not receive any other compensation for this review. This review is my honest opinion of this book. Pin It

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