Thursday, November 3, 2011


Have you ever heard of Vistaprint? They're an amazing company that produces business cards, postcards, brochures, etc. You've probably seen their ads somewhere on the internet that say "250 Free Business Cards!". It's not a scam, you really can get 250 free business cards. I did! Here's my business card for My Smart Hands with Lindsey. Isn't it cute?

I also used them for my Barefoot Books business cards. Barefoot Books is actually a Vistaprint affiliate, so they have awesome branded items, such as banners and notepads. Here's my Barefoot Books banner. They do really great work and are ridiculously inexpensive. Once you use their site one time, you get fantastic offers in your e-mail for more free stuff or half off of something. You'll find something to fit your needs, I promise.

They currently have a fantastic offer going on for the holidays. I will definitely be taking advantage of this one. You can get 20 holiday cards (which you can customize with your own photos), 140 labels, and 1 engraved pen for $4.99. Click here or on the Vistaprint banner to be taken to the website.  You'll get your 250 free business cards plus a ton of other great deals.
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