Monday, November 21, 2011

See's Candies

Turtles aka Pecan Buds
Every year for Christmas, my mom would get me two things. Some baklava and some pecan turtles. Have you ever had pecan turtles? They're the perfect mix of chocolate, nuts, and caramel. So yummy. The best chocolate that you can get is from See's Candys. This box is $20. A little expensive but so worth it. Especially if you have it as a holiday treat like I do.

See's Candies has lots of other choices too. The least expensive is around $5. This box of samples called the Red Mini Assortment is $5.45. This is a great little gift for a boss or a friend who you know loves them some chocolate. It includes one piece each of Lemon Truffle, Peanut Nougat, Butterscotch Square, Raspberry Truffle, Milk California Brittle® and Dark Chocolate Chip Truffle.

Their most expensive item is the ginormous Chocolate Sampler pack whish $120. It comes with EVERYTHING. This basket includes 2 lb. Gold Fancy, 8 oz. Molasses Chips, 8 oz. Peppermints, 1 lb. Toffee-ettes®, 8 oz. Truffles and 4 oz. Butterscotch Little Pops, 10 oz. Peanut Brittle, 8 pack of Awesome Nut & Chew Bars, 12 pack box of Lollypops and a 4 pack of Classic Candy Bars. This is the perfect gift for any family, office or large group. 

I know I might be slightly biased since See's Candies was such a big part of my Christmas traditions growing up, but they really are the most delicious chocolates out there. Check them out, I know you'll find something delicious. Pin It


  1. Love their candy..and i love pecan turtles. We get a box every Christmas :)

  2. Aren't they the best? I lovez the turtles. I can't wait to get some next month!


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